Bio Palette plans to develop our business in three fields, classified based on the type of cells targeted for genome editing.





  • 体に良い影響を与えている細菌をより強力に(特定物質の生産量向上)、体に悪い影響を与えている細菌を弱力に(特定遺伝子のノックアウト)する。
  • 免疫系に作用する細菌を育種する。
  • 細菌のマイクロバイオームへの定着性を改善する。





Microbes (targeting microorganisms)


The number of bacteria in the human body is approximately 100 trillion, more than 3 times the number of human cells, and it has become apparent that the state of the bacteria in the human body is closely related to human health and various diseases. Since controlling bacteria is likely to contribute greatly to human health, microbiome engineering is attracting attention as a next-generation healthcare technology. Microbiome engineering has conventionally been performed by administering low-molecular-weight compounds or peptides, or by isolating useful bacteria and administering them as probiotics or bacterial formulations. In recent years, attempts have been made to use genetic modification of bacteria as a more aggressive method of engineering.

Bio Palette aims to use base editing to genetically modify the bacteria making up the microbiome, to produce microbiome therapeutics administered as bacterial formulations. We are conducting design and creation of functional bacteria as a proprietary platform for cultivation and modification of bacteria by base editing. Examples of cultivating bacteria using base editing without the insertion of exogenous genes include the following.

  • Making bacteria that have a beneficial effect on the body more powerful (increasing production of specific substances) or weakening bacteria that have a deleterious effect on the body (knocking out specific genes).
  • Cultivating bacteria with actions on the immune system.
  • Improving the ability of bacteria to colonize the microbiome.

Bio Palette is pursuing development of its business in the field of microbiome therapeutics through partnerships with companies with specific needs or ideas for using microbiome therapeutics by base editing.

Industrial biotechnology

The field of industrial biotechnology, also known as white biotechnology, is expected to show major growth with the development of synthetic biology, including genome editing. Production of substances using microorganisms is likely to have a major impact on all areas of industry, including fuels, chemicals, drugs, materials and foods.

Bio Palette is searching for possible ways to develop its business in the field of industrial biotechnology, using its core technology of cultivation and modification of microorganism by base editing.


精密・正確な遺伝子編集を実現する塩基編集(Target-AID®)は、Human Therapeutics分野における応用が期待されています。塩基編集を利用すれば、遺伝子破壊のみならず、DNA断片の挿入を伴わずに遺伝子修復が原理的に可能です。遺伝性疾患には、一塩基変異が原因となっている疾患が多数存在します。塩基編集は、それらの遺伝性疾患の治療において画期的な治療法を提供できる可能性を秘めています。

バイオパレットでは、Microbiome Therapeuticsを除くHuman Therapeutics分野は、バイオパレットの有する技術をBeam Therapeuticsへ独占的にライセンスアウトすることで、Beam Therapeuticsをグローバル・パートナーとして事業展開を図っています。日本での事業展開においては、Beam Therapeuticsとバイオパレットがより密接に連携して事業展開を行います。

Therapeutics (targeting human cells)

Base editing that allows precise and accurate gene editing (Target-AID®) is expected to have applications in the field of human therapeutics. In principle, the use of base editing can make it possible to repair genes without gene ablation, and without even inserting DNA fragments. Many genetic diseases are caused by mutation of a single base. Base editing has the potential to provide groundbreaking therapies for the treatment of these genetic diseases.

By exclusively licensing out our technology to Beam Therapeutics for the field of human therapeutics excluding microbiome therapeutics, Bio Palette plans to develop its business with Beam Therapeutics as a global partner. In Japan, Beam Therapeutics and Bio Palette will coordinate closely on developing their businesses.



Agriculture (targeting plant cells)

In addition to contributing to efficient agricultural production by adding useful traits to grain, as has been done with conventional genetic modification, using base editing to cultivate crops is expected to create crops that provide direct advantages to consumers, such as increased nutritional value, reduced allergen levels and improved preservative properties, by adjusting the quantities of ingredients in produce such as fruit and vegetables. In particular, a combination of cultivation by evolutionary engineering using Bio Palette’s technology Target-G® and introduction of precise point mutations using Bio Palette’s technology Target-AID® will be a powerful tool for enabling efficient plant cultivation.

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